The project aims to develop the intercultural competencies of graduates and employees in Europe by enhancing the quality and relevance of their skills to enable them to be active professionals in the European working environment.

The project investigates the perceived and actual intercultural competencies of graduates required by employers and then provides outputs that help address these needs.

The project responds to the European Commission’s (EC) Strategic Framework – Education & Training 2020 view, that there has been a lack of focus on the involvement of social institutions on the cross-cultural skill-needs that companies have and on the effectiveness of investment in education and training in this area on business productivity.

The outputs of the project will include:

1) The Competencies and Skills Report, which will highlight the intercultural skills needed by employers and the competencies that students believe are important – Due November 2020

2) The Cross-cultural Competencies and Skills Development Toolkit, which will include a range of case studies and teaching materials – Due June 2021

3) The Cross-cultural Competencies and Skills Development Training Manual, which will explain how educators and training managers can effectively utilize the teaching materials – Due March 2022

The project outputs are designed to inform and support the educational and training practices of, and be of value to, educators, training managers, employers, and students. The outputs will all be open-access and will be made available on this website once they have been completed.